SiliconFields was founded by Ivo Jager.

Ivo is not only founder of mobile consultancy company SiliconFields, he is also co-founder of mobile consultancy company MobileWizardry, co-founder of kiss* Digital Media Pty. Ltd. (home of 1stbase.ai) and creator of the acclaimed astrophotography image processing suite StarTools.

Coding since age 8, Ivo is named as inventor on 12 international technology patents (now held by Hewlett-Packard and Amplifier Corp.), ranging from such diverse areas as Content Management Systems to Artificial Intelligence, from User Interfaces to Networking.

Ivo won his first award from the Dutch Institute for Industry and Technology at age 10 for creating a program for MSX home computers that used computer graphics to explore optical illusions. This early fascination for human perception, communication and visual engagement has stayed with him over the course of his academic and professional careers. This ultimately culminated in the founding of kiss* digital media, which now leverages his many years worth of personal intellectual property and know-how in the field of digital media and content creation.

Ivo holds an MSc degree in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam, which has served as an academic framework throughout Ivo's efforts to understand and implement a multi-platform approach to content distribution and consumption.

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