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The Deity 3D engine was a 3D raycasting engine especially built for 68K devices. Sporting DOOM-like graphics on early Palm III, V and IIIc devices, Deity amazed the PalmOS community.

Deity was subsequently ported from 68K assembler to C by Charles Kerchner from MobileWizardry and was shortly thereafter released on Palm's new line of ARM based devices.

Deity was licensed to Cascata Games for use in its MasterThief 3D title, which was showcased as one of the first ARM-ready applications during Palm's launch of the Tungsten|T PDA.

MasterThief was hailed as a 'tour de force' by Handheld Computing Magazine and got an 88% score in PDA Essentials Magazine. A further all-round 5-star review on-line review can be found here.

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