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The genesis for Shareable Apps came from the idea that there had to  be a better way for businesses to market themselves more effectively via  mobile applications. For apps to be sent directly to their intended  audience, rather than be housed in app stores, to build loyalty,  encourage two way communication and for the process to be quick, easy  and cost effective.

Most businesses want to communicate to as many people as possible.  They want to know how to make an iPhone app, how to make an Android app  and how to make apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone, but are limited  by time and development costs, so end up choosing perhaps one or two.   Shareable Apps solves this problem by being completely cross platform –  build the app once and it’s instantly downloadable and shareable to a  smartphone or tablet of all operating systems.


[url=http://alicecooper.com/W2MN-app]The Offical Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare App[/url] uses [url=http://airj.co/AirJ]AirJ's[/url]    interactive music engine to bring to life the artwork and tracks of    Alice's latest Welcome 2 My Nightmare album. Ivo Jager wrote this music    engine, which features state of the art DSP algorithms, completely  from   scratch, as well as the AirGuitar and AirDrums interface and   algorithms  which lets users drum and play airguitar with their mobile   devices.

 The App was well received by the man himself, as demonstrated [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBsZuyTXdA8&feature=related]in this video[/url].  And if the man who actually wrote the song, scores full   marks playing  AirGuitar on his own song, then you know you've done well!


Medhand converts books, handbooks and manuals into user-friendly apps. 

Doing so since 2001, MedHand's unique architecture and portable data format has seen it grow along with the unique capabilities and operating systems of the devices and platforms of its time. 


For it's Dr. Companion product, MedHand licensed SiliconFields' SQUID library as a cross-platform GUI solution for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, MacOSX and Win32.

SQUID is a platform independent GUI library. It aims to provide GUIs on any platform with a modern look and feel, while sporting extremely modest CPU and memory requirements.

 SQUID even performs fully anti-aliased multi-font rendering with sub-pixel accuracy, all on PalmOS 5 such as the Tungsten|T with a mere 700KB of dynamic heap.

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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an international provider of software and combined hardware and software products for IT security, including network security, endpoint security, data security and security management.

For Pointsec Mobile Technologies (now Check Point Software), SiliconFields created OS-transparent drivers for PalmOS 5.0+ devices which would encrypt/decrypt any read/write access to the SD card on the fly. Without any official driver framework, creating these kinds of drivers for PalmOS 5.0+ was an especially challenging (but fun) task.

[url=https://www.siliconfields.net/clients/amplifier-corp-][size=150]Amplifier Corporation[/size][/url]


Amplifier is an Australian app development company that has grown to a   global business from humble beginnings as a Melbourne startup in 2009.   Founded by award-winning advertising creative and music industry   entrepreneur Adam Friedman, and a collection of highly talented   cross-platform engineers, graphic designers and developers, Amplifier   has created apps and other innovative technology-based marketing   campaigns for a wide range of high profile clients round the world.

Initially  creating custom applications one by one, Amplifier  developed a  platform called Adapptr™ which creates the cross-platform  Shareable  Apps products, helping customers reach the widest possible  audience on  mobile. The platform is patent-pending and unique to  Amplifier.  Development of the platforms and products have been funded by  private  investment, clients and Australian government grants.

Ivo developed Adapptr's core, internationally patented IP.
[url=https://www.siliconfields.net/clients/panapp][size=150]Words Deluxe: Wordplay With a Twist[/size][/url]


Find the highest scoring words from nine letters in this classic word game.

A unique scoring system dynamically attributes letter values based on their frequency per game.

Written from scratch by Ivo, this game and its gameplay mechanics are original and unique.

Words  Deluxe featured HD graphics and support for different screen  resolutions and ratios even before Retina devices and new screen  resolutions were announced by Apple.
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[size=175]Introducing 1stbase.ai; the world's first Meta-CMS and 'anything' builder[/size]

Don't know what that means?

Imagine something like  Wordpress, but instead of updating just your website, you're also  automatically updating your app, your Facebook apps, your PDF brochures,  your chatbot, email templates, and so much more! All real-time, at the  same time. All included. 

And the kicker? 1stbase  is infinitely quicker and easier to use, and has been tried and tested  for 2 years with real people from all ages and technical skills.
[url=https://www.siliconfields.net/clients/cascata-games][size=150]Cascata Games[/size][/url]


The Deity 3D engine was a 3D raycasting engine especially built for 68K devices. Sporting DOOM-like graphics on early Palm III, V and IIIc devices, Deity amazed the PalmOS community.

Deity was subsequently ported from 68K assembler to C by Charles Kerchner from [url=http://www.mobilewizardry.com/]MobileWizardry[/url] and was shortly thereafter released on Palm's new line of ARM based devices.

Deity was licensed to Cascata Games for use in its MasterThief 3D title, which was showcased as one of the first ARM-ready applications during [url=http://www.palm.com/index.html]Palm[/url]'s launch of the Tungsten|T PDA.

MasterThief was hailed as a 'tour de force' by Handheld Computing Magazine and got an 88% score in PDA Essentials Magazine. A further all-round 5-star review on-line review can be found [url=http://www.mobiletechreview.com/games/master_thief.htm]here[/url].
[url=https://www.siliconfields.net/clients/cronk-software][size=150]Cronk Games[/size][/url]


 Cronk is a cave man who is trying to save his tribal villages  from destruction.   

 In order to help him you must throw boulders to the oncoming  train of rocks, matching three or more of the same color  before they crush Cronk's village.  

 Along the way you will encounter special boulder types that will  aid in your quest. Identify and learn patterns during the game play to work to your advantage! 

Enjoy classic or timed modes with three levels of difficulty!


StarTools is a new image post-processing application, designed from the ground up for astronomical images.

Its  novel non-linear processing engine does away with the limitations  traditional astrophotography packages impose, while leap frogging such  packages in areas of signal preservation and noise reduction.

Advanced  astrophotographers will achieve markedly better results thanks to its  continuous noise Tracking and data mining algorithms, while beginners  will appreciate its ease of use and signal preservation safeguards.
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